What have I been doing!?!?


It’s been a while, but now that autumn is upon us, it is time to look back on the fruits of summer. Thus I gathered all my exposed rolls from the places they had been “allocated” and sent them to be developed – in several batches. There just was no way I could have developed almost 200 rolls on my own in a reasonable time frame… Have a look:


I am still waiting for the negatives from the Big Batch. I made the mistake of putting a single roll of monochrome film in with the rolls to be developed C-41. I called the lab and they told me they don’t do monochrome in-house anymore and will send it elsewhere, causing a delay of two weeks to the return of the negatives, as they will not split the order.

I must say that this whole experience reminded me again of why I have stayed clear of labs so long and preferred to do my development on my own :/

A recent setback worth mentioning was the fact my crappy Alienware desktop PC died. I bought a laptop now – and of course was lacking all the software (and a parallel port) for my peripherals. I have now brought it up to speed and can finally scan again.

This will be an interesting winter.

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