After over a year of hiatus I am relaunching Cyan Shine as a blog. I do not have the time to pursue the fanzine avenue anymore, unfortunately, although scalding criticisms on the fanzine contributed to the loss of motivation. These came, of all places, from film photography groups. Which shows that even here lupus est homo homini, non homo, quom qualis sit non novit. You can still view the Issue 0 of Cyan Shine Magazine here, though. Just be patient, the .pdf is huge, even though done with Scribus.

But let’s leave that and move on to more pleasant stuff…

The winner of the competition I had running before the hiatus, Malin Larsson, had sent me some images for publication, so here they are.

They are all taken in Joplin, Missouri a few weeks before the tornado destroyed large parts of the town.
Check out more of Malin’s awesome work here:

You can see all the awesome competition submissions on the Cyan Shine Facebook page.

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