Cyan Shine

Cyan Shine, like the colours of seaside
dreams, like overexposed xpro revelations, like skewed CMYK experiments…

In our current, frantic, networked, connected world there is a flood of images; the availability of digital image sensors everywhere, be it in cameras, phones or tooth implants has made capturing an image effortless.  Concurrently, we suffer from information overload, tl;dr has become standard. Even images are viewed only for fractions of a second, then clicked away, on to the next and on and on and on…
“Photography grants us endless possibilities for expression. In an era where we suffer from stimulus overload, images that can quicken the human spirit become of paramount importance.”, to quote myself.
There are some who seek these other avenues, who have remained with or returned to another, slower way of perceiving and analyzing. Things can be simpler.
Things can be slower. Take a breath. Relax. You are safe here. This blog is for you. The possibilities are endless.

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